We can turn your desires into emotions: enhace your events thanks to the extraordinary skills of the Kilibre artists, capable of staging genuine shows with innovative and engaging characters endowed with a creativity and finesse that will leave you speechless.


Emotions take shape to live a dream, your dream. An elegant and exclusive schedule blends in with our wise capability of execution and interpretation to create the perfect moment, embellished with extremely precise details in order to make the most important day of your life special in every way!


Every second of your life can be the protagonist of a special day if we want it to be that way: birthdays, comunions, graduation parties and other occasions framed with magic atmospheres and choreographic and scenographic elements customized to the occasion. 


A fine language, new combinations and the attention to technical and artistic details are part of a meticulously painted framework, where the perfect blending between an object and a subject give life to a shimmering event. Dress code, scenography and setups, the entire athmospere devoted to the evening theme: from a white party where the unquestionable main character is white, to a Bond party where golden girls, tables arranged with fiches and dices recreate a true athmosphere in a true 007 scene; from the garden of Eden where the chromaticity of flowers takes us to a little piece of paradise, to the chess theme where the age-old contrast between black and white sees surrealistic characters come alive on steps and chess boards floating off the ground, and lots of other themes created just for you. 

Disco & dinner show

Lights, colours and music create impressive corners and moments, where the female figure plays the main role giving an enveloping beauty that allows the public to immerse themselves in a sparkling and purely amusing athmosphere, capable of following them through out the night. Live music and dj sets, unique setups and scenography, interactive shows and shiny performances which are in perfect harmony with the style of your club and the theme of the night.