Large occasions of exclusive or public interest, cultural or sporty, local or international, events involving great shows among the participants, spectators and visitors: the greats events showcased in a surprising way by our choreographies to make them even more popular and exciting.


Championships, grand prix, single races or competitions , celebrated by choreographers able to create unique experciences: a mix of adrenaline and surprise ready to leave an incredible emotion among fans of the sports world.


Exhibitions, concerts, theatrical performances, festivals, and other types of events, enriched by choreographies and performances with great charm and strong visual impact: great events where art merges with other forms of itself to give life to something sublime.


Hallmark events

the artistic performance is a service of a major event, whether local, national or international: our choreographies enhance a great occasion, become a spectacular element of fusion between the event itself and the host city to combine them with an atmosphere full of magic.