We offer fine business events for people whose desire is to escape anonymity and distinguish themselves from the crowd in the arduous task to involve employees and customers in the
strategic path and in the achivements of the company. So why be content when you can have the best? Give us an achievement and we will trasform it in a show that will remain imprinted in the minds of everyone, that’s because the real engine of change needs a spark.


the inauguration of a new business or of new headquarters can be the first step to success if you play the right cards. We are here to make a difference, creating entertainment that is perfect for your customers: entertainment with all kind of artists, elegant music in the background, live music and dj set, interactive shows and astonishing performances will make the first day unforgettable to your public. 


Anniversaries and and all kinds of celebrations enclose in themselves a unique and profound meaning. We have always taken care of every single detail of all of shows and performances in which you are the one to choose what mark to give to colours, gestures, sounds, movements and sensations to enhance the intesity of a celebration and make it a unique experience with a high emotional content, where the public feels a real part of it all.

business’ parties

Parties and business dinners, promotional events, meetings, congresses and conferences, we create an entertainment designed to give your event a new and surprising character, to live with a strong passion and emotional participation: an elegant reception and entertainment, interactive performances and astonishing shows will make your event magical.